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Discover the Sneaky, “Innocent” Ways Gaslighters Make You
Doubt Yourself (in Order to Control You)
And How to Free Yourself From Their Grip,

Without Fighting Them, Proving Yourself, or Freaking Out!

"What if You're Not Crazy?!"

In this FREE 8 week Gaslight Summit™, we’ll be interviewing 8 facilitators- one each week.

You’ll get to know these industry thought leaders on a more personal level. As they share their vulnerable experiences of being gaslit (where someone controlled them by making them question their sanity). And what made them realize they’re not crazy. 

And, most importantly, how they handled the whole thing with grace and ease…

So What has us all 'lit up' about Creating this Summit?
Cassy & Tara share a little bit about that in this
7 minute video below. Click to view!

Gain Greater Awareness:

  • How to know if you’re actually going crazy… Or if someone’s making you think you’re crazy! (Yep- it’s a real thing gaslighters do…)
  • ​The trick to knowing who or what to believe- so you stop falling for manipulative tactics
  • Simple, effective ways to release all the doubt and insecurity- even if it was starting to feel familiar and normal!
  • Start trusting yourself- so you’re never dependent on someone else’s opinions or approval
  • Radiate a confidence and inner peace, even as your gaslighter tries their last desperate attempts to reel you back in :)
“Cassy is an amazing facilitator. She brings such warmth, joy, and humor into what would otherwise be considered a pretty heavy topic!

She really opened my eyes on this whole gaslighting subject. I felt so relaxed, clear and free. 

This might sound weird, but I truly enjoyed talking with her about it.

Cassy’s intuition is incredible- the way she can tap into your world and speak to the things you yourself weren’t aware of. And in such a kind way, where you feel grateful and empowered- never embarrassed.

And Tara and all the other facilitators they’ve brought aboard for this summit- they all have such a different perspective on gaslighting, on life in general. They come from this other-worldly space, where the things that seem so big and insurmountable… they help you realize you are so much bigger than that.”

-Gavriel Green

"My session with Tara was both energizing and relaxing and left me feeling empowered! 
Following my session my mind felt extra clear and calm, and my level of awareness has increased.  

I’ve also experienced more insights and opportunities to see situations from new perspectives.
Professionally, I am more confident and excited about future creative projects. 

I recommend a session with Tara to anyone who is willing to explore and break through old patterns in order to discover their true power!" 

- Marisol T.
"I have spent many years and uncountable dollars learning so many different modalities to get me through the pain and trauma of my past, continually bouncing to the next “great” modality as the current one wasn’t clearing with the ease and speed that I knew was possible.

When I found the tools of Access Consciousness and the weird and wacky clearing statement, I immediately knew I had found what I was seeking.

While that's already been more empowering than anything else I've tried, it's the Energetic exploration of Gaslighting that REALLY set me free! And the greatest thing about the tools of Access Consciousness is I don’t have to bring up all the memory, I don’t have to dive into the pain before it can be cleared and changed."

-Sylvia R.

Just a quick recap of what you get in this
FREE 8-week Gaslight Summit:

  • One interview every week with the Facilitator of the Week
  • A Facebook support group + weekly Facebook Lives with us
  • An invitation to the Facilitator of the Week’s private Master Class
  • A chockful of tools to lighten up your world, regardless of what’s going on around you!
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